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Choosing the Right Chimney Liner for You

Chimney flue liners, which have been required by code since the 1950s, must be free of deterioration. So, about every 20 years maximum, it’s time to choose the right chimney liner for your home, though chimney liner repair may be another option. If even a tiny crack develops in the flue liner, it no longer performs its intended function, and it isn’t safe to use the fireplace. At Chimney Saver Solutions, we offer stainless steel replacement chimney liners and the HeatShield® Chimney Flue Repair System. 

stainless steel chimnmey liner replacement in Fan VAStainless-Steel Flue Liner Replacements

When choosing the right chimney liner for your home, you could never go wrong with a stainless-steel flue liner replacement. Most stainless-steel liners come with a lifetime guarantee. They are naturally resistant to rust and corrosion. Combustion fumes can exit the flue without causing damage to the liner. 

Most qualified chimney sweeps recommend stainless-steel liner replacements. Their benefits include:

  • Upgrading the flue liner.
  • Saving you money on maintenance in the long run.
  • Stainless steel liners are flexible, so they can be installed in chimneys of all shapes.
  • Improves fireplace safety by reducing the accumulation of highly flammable creosote.
  • Provides a proper draft and therefore boosts fireplace efficiency.
  • More benefits are had by including insulation with the installation of a stainless-steel liner.

Clay Tile Flue Liners

Traditionally, when a home is built with a masonry fireplace, the chimney liner is built using clay or terracotta tiles. Over time, cracks, spalling, and gaps develop in the tile liner. HeatShield’s Cerfractory® technology is a hybrid (ceramic/refractory) coating developed in Europe more than two decades ago. This technology makes it possible to restore the chimney clay flue liner. Best of all, it saves homeowners the expense of:

  • Installing a stainless-steel chimney liner replacement or 
  • The outdated and impractical method of clay liner repair, which involves partial teardown and rebuild of the chimney.

When is the HeatShield Process a Feasible Option?

During a chimney inspection, a qualified professional can let you know whether your chimney can benefit from HeatShield’s chimney repair and resurfacing system. If your chimney has any of the following types of flue problems, the HeatShield process may provide the right chimney liner for your home:

  • The mortar between the clay flue tiles has deteriorated.
  • Cracked clay flue tiles. 
  • Spalling or erosion of the clay flue tiles or liners.
  • Holes and gaps have developed between the flue tiles.

How Does HeatShield Work?

Not to get too far into the technical side of it, the HeatShield Resurfacing System restores the chimney liner by resurfacing the flue’s interior. In general terms, after the coating has been added and sealed, the soundness of the new liner is verified. The material used is rated a “Super-Duty” refractory mortar and surpasses fire safety and building code requirements. HeatShield liners are approved for all fuel types. As an added plus, unlike clay tile liners, HeatShield liners can easily be repaired when deterioration isn’t too advanced.

high quality flue liner in Mechanicsville VA

We Provide Professional Chimney Liner Repair and Replacement Services

At Chimney Saver Solutions, we make choosing the right chimney liner for your home easy. We communicate regarding the choices for your chimney flue replacement, and we answer any questions you may have. For instance, you may want more information explaining why an intact chimney liner is so important. That’s a whole topic in itself but can be summed up in this way: Chimney flues help prevent disastrous house fires and potentially deadly exposure to carbon monoxide anytime you use the fireplace.

Give us a call at Chimney Saver Solutions today! Our number is (804) 440-5000. To schedule a visit with a Professional Chimney Sweep, you can also reach us via our handy online contact form.



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