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The Risks of Ignoring Chimney Leaks

Homeowners everywhere have had leaky chimneys. Many also learned the hard way the risks of ignoring chimney leaks. Moisture is the biggest threat to chimneys because masonry is so vulnerable to moisture intrusion. It’s good to become familiar with the symptoms of a chimney leak. Then proceed to avoid the risks of ignoring chimney leaks by calling chimney professionals such as the CSIA-certified experts at Chimney Saver Solutions. Learn more below.

damages chimney crown and masonry in Richmond VAWhat Causes Chimney Leaks?

If you have a chimney, there is at least a remote possibility that you have a chimney leak. The issue is a serious one! Almost every component of an exterior chimney contributes to the challenging task of keeping moisture out of the chimney masonry system. The following are among the common causes of chimney leaks:

  • The chimney crown is cracked
  • The chimney cap no longer has a watertight seal
  • The chimney flashing has rusted
  • The flashing was installed incorrectly
  • The mortar is cracked and flaking off

What Does Moisture Do to Masonry?

What’s the biggest problem with water inside chimney masonry besides causing chimney leaks? When there is moisture inside bricks, it will freeze and thaw in winter, causing movement as the water expands and contracts. Without a needed full or partial chimney rebuild, the destructive effect of the movement eventually results in the flattening of the bricks. One of the risks of ignoring chimney leaks is the potential collapse of the chimney.

How to Recognize a Chimney Leak

You may be vulnerable to the risks of ignoring chimney leaks because you don’t recognize the symptoms of the problem. The sad reality is that, in many cases, a lot of damage has occurred before chimney leaks become obvious. Also, only a qualified chimney sweep can usually recognize early signs that water has infiltrated the chimney system. This is one of the tremendous benefits of annual chimney inspections.

If you see any of the following, it may be evidence of a chimney leak:

  • Water, dampness, or moisture in the firebox
  • Rust on the damper or in the firebox
  • Dripping sounds inside the chimney
  • Water stains/dampness on the ceiling and walls
  • Spalling masonry 
  • Efflorescence or discoloration on the chimney exterior

leaky chimney in Midlothian VAWhat are the Risks of Ignoring Chimney Leaks?

Some of the risks of ignoring chimney leaks involve the safety of your family and some involve the expense of addressing the damage caused by the leaky chimney, as follows:

  • A rooftop leak that threatens the security of your roof and attic
  • Your home structure is weakened
  • The chimney leak creates conditions for mold growth
  • Home décor, floors, walls, and ceilings are ruined
  • The chimney structure is compromised

Avoid the Risks of Ignoring Chimney Leaks

The bona fide chimney experts at Chimney Saver Solutions can pinpoint the cause of your chimney leak—not usually an easy task! No one could do a better job of helping you to avoid the risks of ignoring chimney leaks. After identifying any problems with your chimney, we can provide the solution. We fix chimney leaks and provide chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, masonry repair, chimney cap installation, chimney flashing repair, chimney crown repairs and rebuilds, full and partial masonry rebuilds, and more.

Contact us today to avoid the risks of ignoring chimney leaks. Call 804-440-5000, or you can fill out our online form.


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