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Tips for scheduling your annual chimney inspection

After Labor Day ushers an end to summer, many homeowners turn their minds toward cooler fall days and, inevitably, to their fireplaces. Responsible homeowners know their chimneys should be swept and inspected at least once per year to help prevent chimney fires. With that in mind, now is the time to schedule your chimney inspection.

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Make your chimney appointment now!

Come October, our schedules will become much busier. Call to schedule the appointment now to avoid the fall rush! By scheduling your appointment now, you won’t have to wait as long for an appointment, and you’ll have more flexibility in choosing an appointment date and time that work best for your schedule. And it’s always best to schedule a chimney sweeping and inspection as early in the season as possible. If repairs are needed, that gives you time to schedule the inspections before you are ready to use your fireplace. Once winters cold and wet weather hits, masonry repairs won’t be able to be performed, and they will have to wait for spring or summer. That could put your fireplace out of commission all winter!

Prepare for your appointment to make it a success.

Once your appointment is scheduled, there are a few things you can do to help make that appointment a success.

First, make sure you don’t use your chimney for 24 hours prior to your appointment. That will ensure that your chimney is safe for us to sweep and inspect. Make sure that your firebox and ash bin are cleared of all ashes so your sweep can perform a thorough visual inspection of the firebox and bin. Our sweeps also work hard to avoid making any messes in your home, and clearing away ash will help them to keep your home clean.

Have any questions ready for your sweep. We consider it our jobs to educate you on the proper use of your fireplace or heating stove and chimney. Before your appointment, think about any problems or concerns you have had regarding the operation of your fireplace and chimney. Were they operating smoothly last winter? Have you noticed any changes, such as cracks in the masonry, water in the firebox or chunks of tile that have fallen into the fireplace? Make sure to write your questions down so you don’t forget them when it comes time for your appointment.

Finally, when your appointment is over, forward schedule next year’s chimney inspection! That means scheduling next year’s appointment now. That way, it already will be on the books. You’ll be able to pick the best date and time, you can schedule it early enough that you’ll have time to address any repairs, and you won’t delay the use of your fireplace next year while you wait for a chimney sweep!

If you haven’t scheduled your chimney inspection, don’t wait any longer! Call Chimney Saver Solutions to schedule an appointment today!

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