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How to Top a Chimney in Style

Chimney CapThe top of the chimney is not only the highest point of your home, but it’s also where smoke and gases are expelled from the flue. It’s also an accessible entrance for moisture, small critters and debris to find their way inside the chimney. That’s why experts recommend that homeowners install a chimney cap. The cap keeps out rainwater, debris, and wildlife such as birds, raccoons, and pests. But that doesn’t mean you have to choose a standard cap. There are a variety of decorative chimney caps that will enhance the appearance of your home and improve the efficiency of your fireplace.

Copper Cap

A copper chimney cap is a distinguishing feature that will add style and beauty to your home. They also have two distinct advantages not found in a standard chimney cap: First, its resistance to extreme heat makes them more durable than other materials. Second, they are virtually maintenance free. A copper chimney cap will last for decades. They just need occasional polishing to maintain their beautiful luster finish.

Draft-Increasing Chimney Cap

When appropriately installed, a chimney cap can prevent or reduce draft problems. But if you live in an area in an area prone to strong winds, a standard cap may not be enough; what you need is a draft inducer or draft increasing cap. These caps are specially designed with spinning turbines that take advantage of the wind outside to create stronger updrafts and force smoke out for a more efficient fire. An internal fan reduces external air pressure allowing smoke and contaminants to vent quickly. Plus, their aesthetically pleasing stainless steel design looks great on top of any home.

Clay Chimney Pot

These terracotta chimney pots are a great way to top your chimney with an artistic flair that is unmistakable. With a wide range of designs and heights, a terracotta pot will complement any rustic, country or contemporary style home. For additional protection, add a rain guard and cover to protect your flue from moisture, birds, pests, and debris. Also, apply a waterproof sealant every few years to help extend the life of the pot.

Decorative Shroud

Decorative Chimney CapFor non-masonry custom chimneys, those made with aluminum, copper or steel, a decorative shroud will top off the chimney in style. Decorative shrouds are available in a variety of eye-pleasing sizes, colors, and designs. And since these types of vents require the use of a rain pan, a shroud will also help minimize moisture and reduce corrosion, thus extending its life span.

A chimney cap should always be installed by a certified chimney professional. We have a variety of decorative chimney caps that will add character, sophistication, and style to any home. We offer professional installation by certified chimney professionals for a perfect fit and long-lasting protection.

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