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Types Of Chimney Caps

Chimney caps repair & installation in Richmond, VAChimney caps are essential accessories needed on every chimney. What many homeowners don’t realize is that there are many options to choose from when it comes to chimney caps that keep rain and snow from flowing directly into a chimney. A Chimney cap can be chosen for low cost or for aesthetic value combined with enhanced benefits. Below, learn about different kinds of chimney caps that you can choose to have installed on your chimney as well as material types.

Flue Top Caps

These caps only cover the flue opening and have screen or mesh on the sides, which serve a couple of purposes. First, the mesh keeps out birds and other animals attracted to the chimney’s warmth or seeking a place to nest.
The screen also prevents hot embers from escaping the chimney and possibly starting a fire by igniting nearby combustible materials. And when it’s windy, a chimney cap helps to increase the draft. Since these small flue top covers only protect the flue opening, they are not as effective as a custom-built “outside mount” chimney cap.

Outside-Mount Chimney Cap

An outside-mount custom chimney cap protects the chimney crown as well as the flue. This has the benefit of preventing the chimney crown from being directly exposed to the harsh weather conditions that cause it to crack and deteriorate much more quickly.

The job of the chimney crown is to keep water out of the chimney system, but it’s even better to have an outside-mount custom chimney cap because there’s an added layer of protection against moisture, and the protection covers the entire top of the chimney. Many homeowners appreciate that outside-mount custom chimney caps are far more aesthetically pleasing to look at than standard caps and actually add to a home’s visual appeal. Chimney maintenance costs can be lowered with an outside-mount chimney cap, as well.

Material Used for Chimney Caps

Galvanized Steel

The least expensive material for flue caps is galvanized steel, and it is also the least durable. Galvanized steel chimney caps tend to rust and deteriorate quickly.


Aluminum chimney caps do a better job of resisting corrosion than those made with galvanized steel, but aluminum is a rather soft metal. It is more susceptible to being bent and removed during a storm.

Stainless Steel

Chimney caps made with stainless steel have a balance between cost and performance.


They are far more stable and durable than caps made with galvanized steel or aluminum. In addition, stainless steel chimney caps are very low-maintenance and often have lifetime warranties.


Copper is the sturdiest and most rust-resistant of the chimney cap materials you can choose from. Copper chimney caps also have a beautiful classic look that always stands out and adds value to a home.

Contact Chimney Saver Solutions

Do you need a chimney cap installation? Contact the trusted chimney sweep experts at Chimney Saver Solutions. We are the most trusted chimney sweep company in the Richmond VA area and would be happy to help you choose the chimney cap or flue top cap that’s right for you. We tend to recommend the outside-mount custom chimney cap cover for the additional protection and enhanced aesthetics it provides. Call us today at 804-440-5000.

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