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Update Your Fireplace and Give it a Facelift

henrico va wood fireplace insertIf you’ve been thinking about adding a new fireplace to your home, Chimney Saver Solutions is a perfect place to start your hunt. We carry a wide variety of hearth appliances from the best names in the industry, and our team members are experts in helping our clients select the perfect unit to suit their tastes, needs and space. You’ve already made your first decision and might not even be aware of it. You’re looking for a fireplace. That’s just one of many decisions you’ll make to narrow your choices down. We like to think they’re all fun decisions, and we love guiding our clients along the path to the cozy warmth of that perfect new fireplace.


One of the first things you’ll need to sort out in your hunt is fuel type. We have units that burn various fuels, and we can also talk you through the benefits/differences of each to help you figure out which suits you best.


There are lots of reasons why a wood fireplace might be your top choice. Maybe you’re particularly drawn toward the traditional vision of a crackling flame. Maybe you have access to plentiful, affordable (or free) wood to burn. Or maybe you’re looking for a way to heat your home that relies on a renewable fuel source. Many of our clients love wood-burning fireplaces—and we do, too—so we carry a variety of units that are beautiful and far more efficient and cleaner burning than the fireplaces of yesteryear.


richmond va new gas fireplaceFamilies who are always on the go might benefit most from a gas fireplace—with gas, you have a warm fire at the ready, up and going with just the turn of a knob or flip of a switch. And if you’re ready to turn in for the night, all you need to do is turn it off—no waiting for embers to completely die. The convenience of gas is a huge draw, and that’s made gas fireplaces highly popular—the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association says that nearly 70% of hearth products in use today are burning gas.


If wood or gas units don’t tickle your fancy, it doesn’t mean you can enjoy a fireplace in your home. If you’ve never considered a pellet-burning option, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how beautiful and effective our units are. Visually, they mimic a gently rolling fire beautifully, and many are excellent zone heaters as well.


Finding a fireplace that complements and beautifies your space is easy with our help. If you’re on the hunt for a new fireplace, stove or insert, you’ve come to the right place! We offer a wide selection of some of the finest heating appliances available, from traditional-looking wood-burning units to sleek, modern-looking gas units. Not only are our units of the highest quality, but they’re also designed to be incredibly efficient and aesthetically pleasing. All you’ll need to do is talk to us about your preferences, your vision and your space, and we’ll guide you toward a fireplace you’ll love.

Ready to talk fireplaces? Give the professionals at Chimney Saver Solutions a call or click here to schedule an appointment online. There’s a reason we’re Richmond’s most-respected full-service chimney company: we help you breathe easy!

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