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Water Can Ruin Your Chimney in 3 Different Ways

water damage repairs in bon air va Ask any chimney expert, and he or she will tell you that water and chimneys don’t mix. Most chimneys do a pretty good job of withstanding the high heat and corrosive byproducts of combustion, but your chimney is likely no match for water. That is, unless it has been professionally waterproofed and well-equipped with a top-sealing damper or a chimney cap. It is also imperative to keep chimney crowns and chimney flashing in good condition; flashing especially is notoriously for gapping and rusting, leading it to become leaky over time. Furthermore, leaky chimneys can breed mold and bad smells and become huge liabilities for homeowners who have to pick up the pieces after the ceilings, walls, and floors surrounding their chimney become water damaged.

Here are 3 more ways water ruins chimneys:

  • Water will cause your masonry to decay. If your chimney has not been waterproofed, you will find your chimney brick or stone and mortar respond to the onslaught of the elements by staining, spalling, cracking, or falling out altogether.
  • Water will cause your hearth’s metal parts to rust. In our years serving the Richmond, Virginia, community, we have seen water get to everything from metal dampers to metal fireboxes, fireplace accessories and glass doors—causing them to develop unsightly rust.
  • Water will cause your chimney liner to deteriorate. No matter what type of chimney liner you have—stainless steel, clay tile, or ceramic—you will find that your liner, which acts as the armor for your flue, will crack and show rapid signs of wear and tear if it is exposed to water.

An annual inspection and chimney sweeping—as recommended by most all major fire safety and chimney organizations—will reveal whether or not your chimney is leaking or showing signs of water damage. It is always better to catch, repair, and prevent leaks and water damage sooner rather than later.

If you live in the Richmond area, we hope you will let Chimney Saver Solutions make your chimney watertight. Whether you already have a leaky chimney or you are just eager to prevent the possibility of a future leak, our CSIA certified technicians are trained at waterproofing chimneys and installing the components you need to keep rainwater out of your chimney, where it will do nothing but harm.

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