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Benefits of Waterproofing Your Chimney

The benefits of waterproofing your chimney might be explained by a scene in the movie Forrest Gump. He said, “Little bitty stinging rain…and sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath.” The fact is moisture can potentially get in through any part of a chimney. Yet, every chimney component is designed to help keep water out. Below, learn more about why the extra line of defense provided by waterproofing makes good sense.

prevent chimney water damage in Richmond, VA

What’s the Harm of Moisture in the Chimney?

When water gets into masonry, the affected bricks must be replaced. That’s because the moisture expands and contracts whenever there is a freeze in winter. The movement of the ice damages bricks so that they eventually go flat. Partial and complete chimney rebuilds are much more expensive than taking preventative measures.

What is Chimney Waterproofing?

Chimney waterproofing helps to win the battle against moisture. It’s important that the water repellent used is one that is specifically designed for chimneys. Chimneys should only be waterproofed with a vapor-permeable solution.

Chimney repellents can reduce water penetration by up to 99.9%! Chimney professionals will guarantee you will get full benefits of waterproofing by covering the first crucial step, which is to ensure that there is no existing water intrusion. Any needed repairs must be made before waterproofing is applied.

Chimney Crowns Crack

At the very top of the chimney, it’s easy to see the benefits of waterproofing. The white part is the chimney crown, and the material it’s made with isn’t very durable. It’s common for deterioration to occur. If you schedule annual chimney inspections, as recommended by experts, you are much more likely to stop water damage from occurring. Only superficial damage on a chimney crown can be patched. Once water intrusion occurs, masonry repairs must necessarily be made the hard way—as in a partial or complete chimney rebuild.

Mortar Flakes and Breaks Off

The mortar between bricks is another chimney component that often fails. Mortar lasts about 25 years, while the bricks they hold together typically last more than a century. Once mortar breaks and flakes off, the masonry becomes vulnerable to moisture intrusion.

waterproofing a chimney by repairing flashing in Ashland, VA

Chimney Flashing

Chimney sweeps often replace chimney flashing. The metal part of the chimney is the flashing. Its job is to maintain a waterproof seal between the chimney and the roof, but it is difficult to install correctly. So, water gets into the masonry because the flashing has pulled away from the chimney. For this reason, chimney inspections are as important as waterproofing. Chimney leaks often occur because of failed flashing, but leaks aren’t usually an early symptom of the problem.

Contact Chimney Pros in Richmond VA for Waterproofing

The CSIA-certified chimney sweeps at Chimney Saver Solutions have the training and experience to protect your chimney from the biggest of rainstorms. Contact us today to get in on the benefits of waterproofing your chimney. Call 804-440-5000 or you can fill out our online form.

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