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We can rebuild your fireplace!

Your fireplace takes a lot of abuse. It withstands extreme heat all winter long, and it can be susceptible to water damage from moisture leaking down your flue. That abuse can lead to cracked and crumbling bricks. If your fireplace’s masonry has long been neglected, it can be an eyesore and a danger instead of an asset to your home. At Chimney Saver Solutions, we can rebuild your fireplace to restore its beauty and function.

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Firebox rebuilds

The bricks or tiles that line your firebox can crack from the extreme temperatures, or they can begin to crumble or “spall.” In older homes, sometimes fireboxes have been built over, blocked off or badly neglected.  Regardless or your situation, Chimney Saver Solutions can rebuild your firebox to have it looking and working like new! We can rebuild and restore your masonry firebox or recommend a fireplace insert to increase your fireplace’s efficiency and heating potential.

Smoke chamber repair

Your smoke chamber is the angled part of your chimney system that helps funnel smoke from your fireplace up through your chimney. Just like your firebox, the bricks or tiles in your smoke chamber can crack or spall. If we’re rebuilding your firebox, you should consider reconstructing your smoke chamber, as well. Or, if you notice crumbling bricks or tiles, you should contact us to have one of our certified chimney technicians examine your firebox and smoke chamber to see what repairs are needed.

Chimney relining

Traveling upwards through your chimney, the tiles that comprise your chimney flue can crack or crumble over time. When neglected, a cracked or crumbling chimney liner can endanger your home, no longer containing the smoke or heat from your fires. We offer an easy solution with HeatShield Cerfractory Sealant. HeatShield coats the inside of your cracked flue to provide a smooth and safe flue liner.

Chimney reconstruction

Chimneys take a lot of abuse: They endure high winds, freezing temperatures and being pelted with rain, snow and ice. All of that pressure can cause the masonry work in chimneys to break down over time. In addition to being an eyesore on your home, a chimney that is in disrepair can pose a hazard to your family. The experts at Chimney Saver Solutions can examine your chimney and recommend a course of action for repair. We can tuckpoint crumbling mortar joints, replace spalling bricks, rebuild a cracked chimney crown or even entirely rebuild a failing chimney structure.

If your fireplace or chimney is an eyesore, or if you’ve noticed signs of disrepair, call Chimney Saver Solutions! We can evaluate the state of your chimney and recommend needed repairs. We can rebuild your firebox, smoke chamber or chimney, or reline your flue to have your fireplace looking and operating like new!

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