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Why Is My Chimney Discolored?

Discoloration on a chimney is not a natural progression of the aging process. The answer to the question “Why is my chimney discolored” depends on what color the staining is. In any case, a stained chimney is evidence enough that the help of a chimney sweep is needed. Call Chimney Saver Solutions if you live in the Richmond VA area. Their chimney technicians have the qualifications to provide whatever type of repair is needed to address your discolored chimney.

Chimney Discoloration in Carytown VA

What Causes White Chimney Stains?

White stains, known as efflorescence, are evidence that there has been moisture intrusion in the masonry. Efflorescence doesn’t always occur when water gets into bricks, however. It only happens when the masonry contains mineral salt. The water inside bricks travels to the brick face. If the water contains salt, crystalline discoloration or powdery white staining is deposited on the chimney stack.

The white stains are easy to remove, but that doesn’t resolve the real problem. Bricks must be replaced if they contain water. That’s because, during freezing and thawing cycles in winter, the water expands and contracts. This movement eventually results in the collapse of the bricks.

Why are Red or Brown Rust Stains on My Chimney?

If there are rust stains on your chimney, your chimney cap is likely the cause. Chimney caps made with aluminum or galvanized steel are the least expensive, but they are prone to rust quickly. Buying a copper or stainless-steel chimney cap eliminates that problem.

What Causes Brown or Black Chimney Stains?

Some of the most common types of chimney stains are black or brown in color. The discoloration is around the chimney cap and may also be on the sides of the chimney structure. Brown and black stains on the chimney are caused by an excessive buildup of creosote inside the chimney flue.

Experts recommend scheduling chimney cleaning once per year or when creosote builds up to 1/8 of an inch. The flue can be completely obstructed by creosote, which is dangerous in several ways. If the fumes can’t exit the chimney due to creosote buildup, they will billow back into the home. The toxic fumes include carbon monoxide, which can be deadly. Creosote buildup is also the cause of chimney fires. A chimney fire can result in a life-threatening house fire, especially when there is plenty of creosote to feed the flames.
Contact trusted chimney sweeps for chimney cleaning if you see sooty stains on your chimney.

Why are Green Stains on My Chimney?

If there is mold or algae growth in your chimney, green staining may occur on the chimney exterior. This green or dark green staining is usually seen where water flows directly against the chimney. If the chimney crown doesn’t have a lip, it is more likely that algae or mold will grow wherever water travels down the chimney masonry.

Chimney Repair in Richmond VA

Chimney crown repair may be needed to address green chimney stains. Another solution is to have a cricket installed. A cricket is a small structure added to the roof that diverts water away from chimney masonry.

Call Richmond VA Experts About Chimney Discoloration

There is a real advantage if you are in the position to ask, why is my chimney discolored? Whereas you may otherwise procrastinate regarding chimney maintenance, you’ve got evidence that a qualified chimney sweep is needed right away. The certified professionals at Chimney Saver Solutions are ready to help.

Call us today at 804-440-5000 about chimney discoloration, masonry repair, flashing repair, flue liner replacement, and all other chimney services. Or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment today.

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