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Reasons You Need a Chimney Cap

When a masonry fireplace is built, a chimney cap is not included. All homeowners wondering, “Do I need a chimney cap?” should know that the answer to that question is a resounding yes! Although chimney caps have been relegated to accessory status, they are essential chimney components. Below, learn the top four reasons a chimney cap is a necessity.

chimney cap repair in Fan district VACaps Keep Out Moisture

Let’s first establish what a chimney cap is. In its simplest form, a chimney cap is like a roof over your chimney’s flue pipe. The primary purpose of a chimney cap is to keep water out of your chimney and fireplace system. Moisture infiltration can wreak havoc on your chimney system.

When the chimney is built, the chimney crown is built for the purpose of keeping moisture out. Chimney crowns tend to develop cracks quickly. This is one of several reasons to schedule annual chimney inspections. 

When a chimney crown deteriorates, water can pour into the chimney system between the chimney flue and the exterior chimney wall. 

Why is moisture such a problem? 

Masonry is very porous to begin with. If water gets into the bricks, the freezing and thawing cycles in winter cause the water in the bricks to expand and contract. The movement breaks down the inner structure of masonry. Water begins an irreversible process of destruction of all bricks affected. A partial or full masonry rebuild becomes necessary.

Chimney Caps Keep Out Debris & Unwanted Guests 

It is advisable to get a chimney cap with mesh. This important feature can save you all kinds of money and hassle. The mesh keeps out debris that may blow into your chimney during a storm. The debris can create problems, such as chimney blockage, which could result in a dangerous chimney fire.

Several types of critters are drawn to chimneys, and they can’t always get back out. The mesh can keep birds, snakes, raccoons, squirrels, and other creatures from climbing into your chimney and possibly getting stuck there. Always call a qualified chimney sweep for help with removing animals or birds from your chimney rather than risking the potential dangers of doing it yourself.

custom chimney caps in Richmond VA

Do I Need an Outside-Mount Custom Chimney Cap?

In addition to a basic flue cap, you can get an outside-mount custom chimney cap. It covers the flue pipe and the entire chimney crown. This provides a substantial amount of extra protection against water intrusion. Have you been wondering, “Do I need a chimney cap?” Be aware that you do need a chimney cap, and an outside-mount custom chimney cap provides the best protection.

Chimney Caps with Mesh Serve as a Spark Guard

Finally, chimney caps with mesh provide an important safety feature. It’s natural that embers sometimes float up the chimney flue. A fire can be ignited if a burning ember escapes the chimney. The mesh on chimney caps operates as a spark guard to prevent embers from potentially starting a fire on the roof or anywhere else nearby.

Call the Experts for Chimney Cap Installation

You can be confident when the pros at Chimney Saver Solutions are handling chimney cap installation, chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, masonry rebuilds, flue liner replacement, and more. Our qualified chimney technicians are CSIA-certified, which means they can fully answer your questions, such as “Do I need a chimney cap?” The professionalism demonstrated by our team wins customer confidence. 

Contact us today for chimney cap installation, a chimney inspection, and other chimney services such as chimney cleaning by calling 804-440-5000, or you can fill out our online form.


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