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Can Chimneys Get Repaired in the Winter?

henrico va masonry repair in winterMaking chimney masonry repairs in wintry weather was once completely unheard of, but times have changed. Thanks to the progress made in creating masonry materials that can withstand temperatures below the former threshold of 40ºF, emergency chimney masonry repairs can be made in winter. The ideal time for masonry repairs is during the warmest months of summer. So, though chimney masonry repairs in winter are doable, they produce less durable results and should be avoided.

How Winter Masonry Repairs Can Work

Formerly, the biggest roadblocks to making chimney masonry repairs in winter were the materials used for the job. Until recent advances in masonry products, masonry repairs would not set if temperatures were below about 40ºF. In spite of frigid temperatures, new masonry materials can effectively be used for chimney masonry repair. The process involves the use of tarps and heaters, as chimney sweeps perform the work while battling moisture and cold temperatures. The bricks need to be warm enough that curing of the building materials is possible.

The Optimal Time for Masonry Repair

Chimney masonry materials cure best in the summer months. Chimney sweeps recommend that customers schedule their annual chimney inspections in spring so that any repairs that need to be made can be done during warm weather. Interestingly, homeowners with chimneys have something in common—namely, putting off chimney maintenance until the cold weather is practically upon them. Qualified chimney sweeps are typically booked almost solid from fall through winter because of this tendency to put off chimney care. Meanwhile, the other seasons are ideal for scheduling repairs and maintenance at times convenient to you and optimal for producing best results.

Chimneys are highly vulnerable to damage. Homeowners who plan ahead in order to deal with potential problems that may be discovered during a chimney inspection get the benefit of more durable results when chimney masonry repairs are performed in summer.

Masonry Emergencies that Should Not be Delayed

masonry repair, henrico vaThere are many times when chimney sweep experts recommend that masonry repairs be performed in winter because of the seriousness of the existing damage. If a chimney is cracked, for instance, rain, sleet, and snow can cause water to infiltrate the exposed masonry. Water in the masonry system is a disaster.

Every brick containing moisture needs to be removed and replaced. Otherwise, the moisture inside the brick will expand and contract during freezing and thawing cycles in winter. The movement of the water destroys the brick and starts a process of destruction that cannot be reversed. If needed repairs are neglected, the chimney will begin to lean and could eventually collapse, creating even more needed repairs.

A cracked chimney can also result in roof damage as well as damage to the home interior. Water stains may appear on the walls and ceilings near the fireplace.

When repairs are needed in winter for your chimney, contact your trusted chimney sweep experts such as the CSIA-certified chimney technicians at Chimney Saver Solutions. With their training, expertise, and experience, you can count on winter chimney repairs that deliver the best possible outcome.

Chimney Saver Solutions provides the full range of chimney services in addition to making chimney repairs in winter. Homeowners and businesses throughout the Richmond VA area trust Chimney Saver Solutions for chimney masonry repairs, chimney maintenance, chimney inspections, chimney sweeping, chimney cleaning, flashing repair, chimney liner replacement, and much more. Whether for chimney repairs in winter or any other chimney needs, contact us online or by calling 804-440-5000 today.


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