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Chesterfield, VA Chimney Sweep

chesterfield va finest chimney sweepsHave you had your chimney swept yet? Homeowners in Bon Air, Chester, Midlothian, Skinquarter, Winterpock, Woodlake and all communities throughout Chesterfield County, VA can call Chimney Saver Solutions for affordable chimney inspections and cleanings. 

Annual chimney cleanings is a small investment that protects your biggest asset – your home and family. In fact, national fire safety experts including the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) all recommend annual chimney sweeps to reduce the risk of fire and deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. 

During the winter months as your wood-burning fireplace or wood stove is heating your home, the chimney is expelling smoke, gases and other contaminants. But these contaminants leave a thin, highly flammable residue called creosote that sticks to the flue and walls inside the chimney. And the creosote continues to accumulate with every burn.

The only way to remove this flammable material and prevent a chimney fire is with a thorough chimney cleaning by a CSIA-certified chimney sweep. Contact us to schedule a convenient appointment today.

best chimney repairs in chesterfield va

Chimney Repairs

Chimney Saver Solutions is your full-service chimney repair specialist serving all Chesterfield County, VA communities. Sometimes it’s easy to determine that a chimney is in need of repair. You may notice some cracked or missing bricks, gaps in the mortar joints or a discoloration of the bricks or masonry. In other cases, it may not be so easy, but there are usually clues. Like the sounds of dripping water, small puddles in the firebox or damp chimney walls in a leaky chimney or the foul odors of decay from a damaged or missing chimney cap. You may even see bits of clay or masonry among the ash.  While it may be tempting to brush these off as harmless annoyances, these are all signs that your chimney may be in need of repair. And the sooner the chimney is repaired, the less costly it will be.


If you reside in an aging home, it may be time for your chimney to be relined. Many older homes were lined with clay tiles that have exceeded their life expectancy. Temperatures inside a chimney can reach well over 1,000°F. The high heat causes the clay material to contract and after years of use will begin to crack. Our UL-listed steel flue liners are a great replacement for failing clay tiles. These steel liners are so durable it just may be the last time you will need to replace the flue liner.

From minor chimney repairs to complete restoration, no repair is too small or too big. We even work with insurance carriers to repair storm damage covered by your home owner’s insurance policy.

Fireplace Inserts and Wood Stove Installation

Many homeowners throughout Chesterfield County, VA are retrofitting fireplaces with more energy efficient EPA-certified electric, gas and wood-burning fireplace inserts and adding contemporary wood stoves to reduce heating costs. Also, EPA-certified heating appliances are up to 80% more efficient and use 33% less fuel. We have a large selection of handsome fireplace inserts and decorative log sets designed to fit any fireplace. And best of all, fireplace inserts and wood stoves include complete installation including any required venting. Chimney Saver Solutions is certified by the National Fireplace Institute and a 3-time Super Service Award winner from Angie’s List. Contact us to schedule an on-site appointment today. 

Chimney Sweep In Chesterfield VA

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