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Add a New Fireplace or Upgrade Your Fireplace

One of the easiest ways to update or upgrade your fireplace is with the addition of a factory built fireplace or a stove insert. It can also help you reduce rising heating bills and the newer EPA-rated units are extremely efficient.

Types of Fireplaces

There are many types of pre-fab fireplaces and fireplace inserts that provide a great look, great heat source and at different sizes to fit any room in your home.  They include wood, pellet, gas fueled models. You will want to choose the one that will work best in your home as well as with the lifestyle of your family.

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Types of Inserts

You can also get fireplace inserts that will fit into your fireplace. These have nice large windows so you still enjoy the view of a roaring fireplace with all the advantages you get from an efficient stove insert.

Inserts can be fueled by wood, pellets or gas. They are perfect for getting more heat distribution and efficiency out of the fireplace space and can be installed quickly in most cases. The biggest concern that most consumers have to take into account has to do with converting from one fuel source to another.

Meeting the Specs for Venting Your Fireplace

There are specific venting specifications that must be met with any system that is installed in your home. What you currently have in place may not be up to code with what you want to purchase. This is why we recommend that you call us and schedule a free consultation before you make a final decision.

Knowing what you can choose to safely replace your existing unit or add to what you already have could save you money. Knowing what the additional cost would be and what is entailed by changing out what you currently have to make way for the new can save you time and headaches.

Why Use Professional Fireplace Installers

Fireplace inserts newly installed near bon air vaThere are manufacturer’s recommendations for each appliance as well as local and county codes that have to be met for every install. Hiring a professional chimney and fireplace company that does this type of installation almost every day will ensure that you have your unit installed properly. If there is ever a problem with the system, we will come out and troubleshoot it and make it right.

If you knew how many calls we get from people who have had a new insert or stove installed by someone other than a respected chimney service company who tell us it’s “smoking up the house” or the “fire won’t stay lit” and the “wall is getting hot”, you would understand why we believe you should use a company like Chimney Saver Solutions.

Doing It Right the First Time

It’s just easier to install a stove or insert right the first time as opposed to fixing a problem from an install gone bad. We do it right the first time because chimney systems are all we do.

Please call us before you purchase a unit and let us help you get what you want without breaking the bank. Then let us install it correctly without you or someone you love breaking their back. There is a reason we are the most respected chimney company in Richmond! Find out why.

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Sometimes, the installation of a new damper is all it takes to get your chimney working properly. Let us help with this simple installation today.

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