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4 Benefits of Glass Fireplace Doors

Fireplace SafetyMany homeowners are updating their fireplace with aesthetically pleasing glass doors. While a mesh screen or an open fireplace may make you feel closer to the action, they are neither safe nor efficient. They increase fuel consumption and increase the risk of fire or smoke damage. A blazing fireplace is like a brick oven with temperatures soaring up to 1,100°F making them extremely dangerous. Most homeowners wouldn’t leave their oven door open while cooking, and you shouldn’t leave your fireplace open either. But glass fireplace doors are not just about safety and efficiency; they also offer many other benefits too.

Improved Safety

Glass fireplace doors allow you to watch the visually stimulating fire experience safely. Even with a mesh screen, sparks and embers can still fly out and land on nearby carpeting, furniture, and other combustibles sparking a fire. Also, exhaust and smoke can reduce indoor air quality and increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. A glass door contains these sparks and keeps children and pets a safe distance from the flames and toxic fumes.

Better Heating Efficiency

Glass fireplace doors are a quick and easy way to increase the heating efficiency of a traditional masonry fireplace. The fireplace draws outside air through the chimney to maintain the fire. But much of the heat is also lost through the chimney. And without doors, even more, cooler air from your living space will enter the fireplace requiring more fuel to keep warm. Installing a glass fireplace door locks out the cold indoor air allowing the heated air to radiate in your living space, thus maximizing heating efficiency. You will use less fuel to keep your home warmer.

Easier to Clean

Glass doors are easier to clean and maintain. The burning wood creates soot, creosote and ashes, and small chips of wood that can cause a mess around your fireplace surround, mantle, flooring, and furniture. A glass door keeps these unwanted particles inside the firebox where your chimney sweep can easily clean them. Glass doors are also easy to clean. A simple vinegar solution or a commercial glass cleaner and a piece of lint-free cloth are all that it takes.

Aesthetic Benefits

Glass Doors Fireplace SafetyYou can make your fireplace look more appealing and inviting with beautiful glass fireplace doors. They are incredibly affordable and are available in dozens of beautiful shapes, designs, and finishes that will make your fireplace the centerpiece of the room and complement your décor. Whether you want the charm of an old-world iron door, a sophisticated arch-shaped appearance, or a modern square or rectangle design, there are glass doors that will perfectly fit and enhance any masonry, direct vent or zero clearance fireplace.

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