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Fireplace Inserts – Gas & Wood  

wood burning fireplace insert installIf you have ever wished that your masonry fireplace was more about bringing the heat as opposed to just providing a pleasant ambiance, a fireplace insert may be the perfect solution for you. Fireplace inserts transform a traditional fireplace that has an efficiency rating of about 10% into an excellent cost-cutting heat source with a rating of up to 80% or higher. The experts at Chimney Saver Solutions are always happy to help homeowners switch to wood or gas fireplace inserts, knowing their customers can enjoy all of the remarkable benefits inserts have to offer.

What is a Fireplace Insert?

A fireplace insert is essentially a firebox enclosed in a steel or cast iron shell. Measurements are made of the inside of the masonry or factory-built fireplace being upgraded. A custom fireplace insert is then made to fit into the existing fireplace opening. Inserts use an efficient closed combustion system, and you can still enjoy watching fires through the glass doors. Most models have self-cleaning glass. Thanks to the modern design of fireplace inserts, the appliances provide heat nearly as efficiently as free-standing wood stoves.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

Gas fireplace inserts are preferred by many homeowners who love the convenience of starting a fire instantly. These beautiful appliances can put you in full control, when you get one with a remote control and various customizable features. You can adjust the flames, the heat output, and the lighting with the push of a button. Realistic faux logs and fireglass are also among the many features you can choose from.

Wood-Burning Fireplace Inserts

With an EPA-approved wood fireplace insert, you can enjoy the incredible crackling sounds, woodsy aroma, and cozy view of a wood fire. In wood fireplace inserts, a re-burn system is used, which lowers harmful gas emissions and increases heat output. Firewood lasts longer and produces more warmth, when you have a wood fireplace insert installed. It’s possible to burn firewood and enjoy a supply of steady heat for as long as 12 hours.

Professional Installation

professional fireplace insert installIt’s important to have your gas or wood fireplace insert professionally installed. Any system you may add to your home comes with precise venting specifications which must be met. It could be that the existing system is not up to code, or the chimney flue may not meet manufacturer requirements.

It’s not unusual for homeowners to contact us because they entrusted installation to another company that got it wrong. Problems they encounter include that the fire won’t remain lit, the nearby wall gets hot, and smoke fills the home when the appliance is used. Rather than dealing with faulty fireplace insert installation that has to be fixed, contact Chimney Saver Solutions. Our work is focused solely on chimney systems, and we always get the job done right the first time.

Not only does expert fireplace insert installation ensure that the appliance operates at maximum capacity, it is also a way to gain peace of mind that you can safely use your new heating system. Call us today at 804-440-5000 to speak with our knowledgeable experts at Chimney Saver Solutions.

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