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Dampers Matter

What Are Top Sealing Dampers? These days, everyone is trying to find ways to save money on energy while protecting their homes. What they may not realize is that their chimney plays a vital role in this process. A top sealing damper for the chimney creates a tight seal that keeps the appropriate things in and […] Read more

Increasing Your Energy-Efficiency

Energy-efficient Options for heating There are a lot of reasons why you might be concerned with more energy-efficient heating: saving money, cutting down on pollution or warming up your space more quickly and more thoroughly. You might just want to add more value to your home by updating an old, inefficient appliance with a more […] Read more

What is a Chase Cover?

Factory or pre-fab chimneys are just a pipe made of galvanized or stainless steel. This style of chimney is used primarily in new construction for manufactured fireplaces or free-standing wood stoves. A chimney chase is a box that is built around this pipe, in order to make it look like a traditional masonry chimney. A […] Read more

Brick Chimneys – Durable and Attractive

Gingerbread houses come with brick chimneys; nothing else has the same fairy tale decorative charm. Brick chimneys are what we think of as children when we draw those lopsided rectangles on our houses. Somehow, the homes we own as adults are not quite complete without a warm fireplace sending smoke into the night from a […] Read more

Is My Fireplace Telling Me Something?

  Does Your Fireplace Need Some TLC? There are several indicators a homeowners may notice that should prompt a phone call to a certified chimney sweep. How do you know? Start with the following blinking red lights. Toxic Fumes and Smelly Fireplaces One of those symptoms is actually the smell coming from your fireplace and it […] Read more

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