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Chesterfield VA Chimney Sweep Experts - We Fix Leaky Chimneys - Fireplace Sales & Installations

Chesterfield va chimney sweep

Chimney Saver Solutions serves the entire Chesterfield, VA, region with chimney sweep, chimney repair, chimney inspection, appliance installation and other services to keep your home safe and warm all winter long.

Here are some of the ways our certified chimney cleaning and repair technicians can help you.

Chimney sweep in Chesterfield VA

Chester VA Chimney Sweep Service

A clean chimney is a safe chimney. That means annual chimney sweep service to remove flammable creosote and drafting obstructions.

Creosote removal: Proper chimney cleaning involves the use of a variety of specialized tools and equipment to safely remove creosote from your chimney flue. Creosote builds up every time a wood fire is burned and is the primary cause of most chimney fires each year in the U.S.

Obstruction removal: Our certified chimney sweeps regularly remove drafting obstruction from our Chesterfield customers’ chimneys. Things like leaves, twigs, falling fruit and nuts, small-animal nests and dead small animals can cause smoke to draft sluggishly and send deadly carbon monoxide into your home.

chimney inspection in chesterfield va

Chimney Inspection

Annual chimney inspections by our CSIA-certified inspectors can save you big money on major repairs down the line. We closely examine all visible parts of your chimney structure and its components, noting any signs of damage and disrepair.

Chimney inspections are like checkups with your doctor: it’s always better to know what’s happening early so it can get resolved before it gets out of hand. Our “doctors” will diagnose your problem and tell you exactly what is needed to make your chimney healthy.

chimney liner repair in chestfield va

Chimney Repairs & Restoration

Whatever is wrong with your chimney, we have the hands-on training and years of experience to fix it. Our chimney repair services in the Chesterfield, VA, region include:

  • Brick and masonry repair
  • Tuckpointing
  • Brick replacement
  • Chimney crown repair/rebuilding
  • Chimney cap & chase top repair/installation
  • Chimney liner repair/installation
  • Roof flashing replacement
  • Smoke chamber parging
  • Smoke shelf repair
  • Damper repair/installation
  • Firebox repair

leaky chimney repair in chestfield va

Leaky Chimney Rebuilding

If the chimney at your Chesterfield home is suffering from severe structural damage, Chimney Saver Solutions can perform partial or complete chimney rebuilding to restore the chimney so that it looks and operates as good as new.

The first step is a thorough chimney inspection so we can know the extent of the damage. We’ll then get to work restoring your chimney system and producing a result you’ll be proud of.

A leaky chimney means trouble down the line. When our chimney cleaning technicians are called out to find and repair chimney leaks, we understand all the ways in which a chimney can allow water into the system and all the places within the system where this could happen.

We’ll find your leak and show you the best way to fix it and prevent serious water damage, rotting and mold issues.

fireplace insert installation in chesterfield va

Fireplace, Stove & Insert Installations Chesterfield VA

Have you been thinking of bringing home a new zero-clearance fireplace, heating stove or fireplace insert? We’ll help you select the perfect unit that takes efficiency, power and style to a whole new level.

After you’ve made your choice, our team will install your new appliance correctly – in accord with all manufacturer’s specs and in compliance with any local building and safety codes.

Certified Chimney Sweeps on Call in Chesterfield VA

You can have a CSIA-certified chimney sweep out to your Chesterfield home at any time of year for chimney cleaning, chimney repair, chimney inspections and other important work. While we do many jobs, our most important one is to make our customers are happy and warm by keeping their chimney and fireplace systems running safely and at peak efficiency all year long.

If you live in the Chesterfield, VA, region and need some help with your chimney, count on the expert chimney sweeps at Chimney Saver Solutions to do the job right, every time. Give us a call at (804) 440-5000.

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