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Chimney Repair In Richmond VA

chimney repair in Richmond VA

Is your Richmond chimney doing poorly and in need of some work to get it back into tip-top shape? Chimney Saver Solutions serves the entire Richmond, VA, region with skilled chimney repairs of all types and scopes.

Here’s How We Can Help

chimney tuckpointing in Richmond VA

Masonry Repair

The chimney at your Richmond home is only as strong as the bricks and mortar that built it. When you have cracks in the masonry, loose bricks, crumbling mortar joints or early signs of water damage, now is the time to get the problems fixed.

Our chimney masonry repair services include brick repair and replacement, tuckpointing to replace missing areas of masonry with a strong new compound and chimney waterproofing to help prevent ongoing water damage.

chimney tuckpointing in Richmond VA

Chimney Liner Repair

Chimney liners safeguard the inside of the chimney and provide a smooth path for smoke and poisonous gases to draft. A damaged liner – whether it’s made of stainless steel, clay tile or a cast-in-place compound – can put your chimney and home at risk of fire and damage.

We repair chimney liners throughout the Richmond, VA, region when possible, but if the damage is severe, we recommend having us install a new stainless steel liner, which will provide you with years of excellent service.

chimney cap install in Richmond VA

Chimney Cap Repair

Every chimney should have a sturdy, full-width chimney cap to protect the flue and areas within the chimney structure. If your cap is damaged, we may be able to repair it. We can replace severely damaged caps with a custom chimney cap built specifically for your chimney. We also repair and replace basic flue covers.

Richmond VA chimney flashing repair

Chimney Flashing Repair

The flashing that seals the gap between your exterior chimney and the roof of your Richmond home performs a critical job: it keeps water from running down into your house and along the sides of the chimney below the roof.

Warped or damaged flashing can lead to the deterioration of your home’s building materials in the attic and other areas as well as dangerous mold growth.

We provide these chimney repair services and all other possible repairs that may be needed. Our technicians are fully trained, licensed, insured and CSIA-certified to make sure the job gets done right the first time.

richmond va chimney inspection

Richmond VA Chimney Inspections

Before starting any chimney repair project, we’ll perform a basic or complete chimney inspection. Inspections are especially important when serious damage is known or suspected, because a trained inspector can spot things the average homeowner can’t.

Once we know what’s causing the problem and how extensive it is, we’ll be able to show you what will be necessary to get your chimney back into shape.

Homeowners in Richmond, Virginia, and surrounding cities and towns count on Chimney Saver Solutions for professional chimney inspections not just when damage is present, but once a year, every year as a great safety measure. Annual chimney inspections along with any needed chimney repair work are powerful steps toward safeguarding your home and family.

Don’t let chimney damage keep you from enjoying your fireplace. Call us at (804) 440-5000 and let us solve any problem you’re having and get your chimney working safely and efficiently again.

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