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Chimney Saver Solutions provides complete chimney service including chimney repair, chimney inspection, chimney rebuilding and chimney sweep throughout the greater Richmond, VA, region.

Does your chimney need some professional attention? If you’ve noticed signs of damage, it’s best to schedule professional chimney service before using your fireplace again. We repair all types of chimney damage, and all work is supervised by technicians certified through the Chimney Safety Institute of America and the National Fireplace Institute.

Chimney crown repair in Richmond VA Masonry Repair

Quick chimney service is in order when you notice crumbling bricks and mortar or if sections of masonry have fallen away from the chimney. If the damage is in the initial stages, our chimney repair technicians can apply a waterproof coating to cracks to prevent water infiltration. For more extensive damage, a process called tuckpointing will fill in missing sections of masonry with a strong compound that will give your chimney many more years of top performance.

Sometimes, basic chimney service strategies will not be able to repair a chimney. If large areas of bricks and mortar are crumbling away or if the chimney at your Richmond home is leaning to one side, partial or complete chimney rebuilding may be necessary. An inspection will tell us what is required to leave you with a safe and fully functional chimney.

Chimney Liner Repair & Installation in Richmond, VA

When a chimney liner is damaged, it can allow intense heat and corrosive moisture to come into contact with the chimney’s masonry as well as the home’s construction materials. Damaged liners are a primary cause of chimney fires and therefore require immediate chimney service.


We use advanced video technology to thoroughly inspect your chimney liner in order to know the best method to solve the problem. In some cases, we’ll repair the liner; when extensive damage is present, we can install a new, sturdy liner for you.

Chimney Crown Repair

Chimney crowns that have started to crack can let water in and cause significant damage to the crown and the bricks beneath it. Our chimney repair experts often can seal coat a cracked crown to prevent further water damage. This is a simple repair solution that doesn’t take a lot of time.

For more extensive crown damage, we may suggest entirely rebuilding the crown.

A chimney service inspection will tell us if damage exists below the crown and down into the flue. In this case, we may perform additional chimney repair work on the chimney structure itself.

Chimney Cap Installation/Repair

A faulty chimney cap may no longer be able to effectively block rain, snow, debris and small animals from getting into your chimney. Our certified chimney repair techs can sometimes fix damaged caps; if rusting and decay is severe, we’ll likely suggest having a strong new chimney cap installed.

It’s never safe to operate a chimney without a properly fitted chimney cap. Incoming water can seriously damage interior masonry, while debris can build up and cause an obstruction to the drafting of smoke and carbon monoxide. If you have a problem with your chimney cap, we’ll get it resolved fast.

Chimney flashing repair & chimney repair service in Richmond VAFlashing Installation/Repair

If the flashing that surrounds the base of the chimney where it intersects with the roof is warped or decayed, water can run down into the home and cause rotting and mold growth.

Over the years, chimney flashing can warp and suffer rust damage. Sometimes the problem can be repaired; other times we’ll recommend the proper installation of new flashing.

 Chase Repair/Replacement

Chimney chase tops are commonly found on pre-built chimneys. They cover the top of the flue and perform essentially the same job as chimney caps: they keep unwanted moisture and debris out of the flue.

Chimney service for chase tops can include basic repair work, but when the component is serious damaged by rust and decay, it’s usually best to replace it with a sturdy new chase top. We regularly repair and replace chimney chase tops throughout the Richmond, VA, area.

For the best in chimney service and chimney repair, Chimney Saver Solutions is a name Richmond, VA, homeowners trust for exceptional workmanship and results. Put us to work for all your chimney repair needs by calling 804-644-1230.

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