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chimney cleaning in Fan District Richmond VA

Homeowners in Richmond’s Fan District, which runs from Belvedere St. near Monroe Park to the eastern section of the Boulevard, want the very best in comfort, safety and beauty for their homes. Though there are many architectural home designs and layouts here, one thing many Fan residents have in common is the need for regular chimney and fireplace services.

Fan-neighborhood homes within the Virginia Commonwealth University campus area are set in the perfect place to enjoy all of what downtown Richmond has to offer from live music, unique dining experiences and old-style barbershops to bike-sharing, walking tours and year-round events.

Part of enjoying living in the Fan District is keeping your chimney and fireplace running safely and efficiently. That’s where Chimney Saver Solutions comes in.

chimney repair in Fan District VARichmond/Fan District Chimney Repairs

No matter what type of chimney system you have, our certified technicians know how it works, how to repair it and what it takes to maintain it.

We fix leaky chimneys, perform complete structural repair and rebuilding and repair, or replace all chimney components as needed. Our services include:

  • Chimney masonry repair, tuckpointing and waterproofing
  • Partial and complete chimney rebuilds
  • Chimney liner repair and new liner installation
  • Leaky chimney repair
  • Chimney crown repair/rebuilding
  • Chimney chase top repair/installation
  • Outside-mount chimney cap installation
  • Chimney flue cover repair/replacement
  • Roof flashing repair/installation
  • Damper service
  • Smoke chamber parging
  • and much more.

chimney & fireplace cleaning in Fan District Richmond VACertified Chimney Sweep & Chimney Cleaning Services

Fan District homeowners with wood-burning fireplaces should have their chimneys cleaned once a year to remove flammable creosote. This substance builds up within the chimney flue when fires are burned and is the cause of most chimney fires in the U.S. each year.

Our CSIA-certified technicians use a variety of scrapers, scrubbers, electronic brushes and cleaning solvents to safely remove creosote from your flue and reduce the chance of a chimney fire.

We also remove drafting obstructions such as small-animal nests, animals who have died inside the flue, tree debris and general air debris. These items cause smoke to draft improperly and can send deadly carbon monoxide back into your home when your fireplace is in use.

Fan Neighborhood Chimney Inspections

Chimney Saver Solutions serves customers with year-round chimney inspections. By having your chimney inspected annually, you can save huge money on expensive and complicated repair work down the line.

Basic chimney inspections cover all the visible areas of the chimney structure including the bricks and mortar, chimney crown, chimney cap and other components. Inspections should be scheduled even if no known damage exists. If you have a chimney leak or have had a chimney fire, an inspection should be performed before using your fireplace again.

we install fireplace inserts in Fan District VAWe Install Fireplaces, Stoves & Fireplace Inserts

If you’re thinking of bringing a new heating appliance into your home, let our experts help you find the right style and model to meet your heating needs and decorative tastes. We’ll give you all the details about today’s highly efficient and powerful zero-clearance fireplaces, heating stoves and fireplace inserts.

When you’ve made your choice, our team will install your new appliance safely and in compliance with all manufacturer’s guidelines and local safety and zoning codes. Our team has years of experience installing all types and models of heating units in homes throughout the Fan District and beyond.

Chimney Saver Solutions is Richmond Virginia’s #1 choice for chimney repairs, chimney sweeping, chimney inspections and fireplace and stove installations. Speak with a certified professional about your needs today at (804) 440-5000.

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