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Chimney Saver Solutions based in Richmond, VA, offers chimney rebuilding, chimney inspection and chimney repair services for Virginia homeowners throughout the Richmond area.

Chimneys that have suffered significant damage may need partial or complete chimney rebuilding to restore safety and operational efficiency. If you suspect – or know – that the chimney at your Richmond home needs professional service, we are here to solve the problem and exceed your expectations.

Chimney masonry repair in Richmond VA

Chimney Rebuilding

When damage has occurred to a chimney, there are several possible options: 1. Monitor chimney; 2. Repair chimney; 3. Rebuild chimney.

Minor cracking of the bricks, for example, is not uncommon and may not need immediate repair work. More significant cracks or obvious damage to components such as the chimney cap, flashing or chimney liner require chimney repair services as soon as the work can be scheduled.

But when large sections of bricks and mortar have fallen away from the chimney, when serious water damage has occurred within the chimney structure, or when a chimney leans to one side, only professional chimney rebuilding can solve the problem.



Our expert masons are certified through the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fireplace Institute (NFI) and have demonstrated the highest level of knowledge and hands-on skill when performing chimney rebuilding projects. When there’s damage to a chimney that has put it in an unsafe state, repair-and-rebuild chimney technicians with verifiable experience are the only people who should be allowed to undertake the job.

Richmond, VA, Chimney Inspection

There are three levels of chimney inspection sanctioned by the CSIA. The first is a basic inspection, ideally performed once a year. The second is for real estate transactions, when adding a new appliance to the chimney and following a chimney fire. A Level 3 chimney inspection is done when significant damage is known or suspected and chimney rebuilding likely will be required.

We always start with a thorough inspection so we can understand exactly what kind of damage a faulty chimney has experienced where the damage started and what caused the damage. Knowing the “lay of the land” tells us whether a complete or partial chimney rebuild is necessary.By scheduling regular inspections and getting chimney repair work done as needed, you should be able to avoid any serious chimney rebuilding projects.

Early Signs of Chimney Damage

Chimney rebuilding & water damage in Richmond VAIf your chimney is in bad disrepair, call us quickly for chimney rebuilding services. If your chimney has only minor problems, we can get them repaired fast and save you quite a bit of hassle and money.

Here are some signs of chimney damage you can look for:g

  • Water in the firebox
  • Pieces of clay tile (from the chimney liner) in the firebox
  • Strong, unpleasant odors coming from the fireplace
  • Mold or mildew around the fireplace
  • Damp walls adjacent to the chimney
  • Discoloration of exterior chimney bricks
  • Crumbling bricks and mortar on the roof
  • A clicking, tapping and/or rumbling sound in the chimney (sign of a chimney fire)

Chimney Saver Solutions is ready to help with any chimney repair or chimney rebuilding project at your Richmond, VA, home.

We serve all of the Richmond area with the very best in certified chimney services to keep your home safe and your fires burning bright. Call us with questions at 804-644-1230.

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