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Professional Chimney Repair In Midlothian, VA

When chimneys in Midlothian, VA, begin having trouble, Chimney Saver Solutions knows how to solve the problem fast. We offer licensed, CSIA-certified chimney repairs for your chimney’s structural masonry and all components. Here’s how we can help you today.

Chimney Rebuild in Midlothian VAMasonry Repair

The bricks and mortar that make up a chimney can suffer various types of damage that make the chimney unsafe to use. Our trained chimney repair technicians work throughout Midlothian to help our customers solve their chimney problems.

  • Chimney brick replacement to restore soundness
  • Tuckpointing/repointing to replace crumbling sections of mortar
  • Masonry waterproofing to prevent water infiltration
  • Leaky chimney repair & leak detection
  • Complete and partial chimney rebuilds

A proper chimney inspection will tell us why the problem exists, how extensive it is, and exactly what chimney repair work is needed to fix it. No matter what’s going on with your chimney, we have the solution.

Chimney Liner Repair & Installation Midlothian VA

Your chimney liner has two primary jobs:

  • To provide a smooth path for smoke and toxic gases to leave your home
  • To protect the interior masonry and adjacent building materials of your home from damage by extreme heat and combustion gases

An inspection using advanced video imaging technology will allow us to evaluate the condition of your chimney liner. We can then repair the liner or install a new, long-life chimney liner that will

Chimney liner issues are common throughout the Midlothian area, particularly in older homes.

chimney crown in Midlothian VA

Chimney Crown Repair

The cement crown at the top of your chimney is designed to prevent water from causing damage to the inside of the chimney as well as the brickwork beneath the crown.

Cracks in the crown allow water to move inside, where it will cause more and more damage until the entire crown eventually may fall apart. The bricks protected by the crown are then subject to constant contact with water. If water gets into the flue, it can cause significant damage to the chimney liner and masonry over time.

A lot of our chimney repair work involves crown repair, waterproofing, and rebuilding. We serve Midlothian homeowners all year long.

Chimney Cap

If you operate your chimney without a flue top cap or preferably a custom full-width chimney cap, all manner of debris and water can get into your flue. If you have no cap, we can install a sturdy outside-mount chimney cap for total protection. We also can repair chimney caps. An inspection will tell us the best way to solve the problem.

Damaged or missing caps put flues at risk of filling up with debris that hinders the drafting of smoke. Tree debris and small-animal nests are common. We can clean that debris out, but you’re better off keeping it from getting into your flue in the first place with a good cap.

Chimney Flashing Repair/Replacement

The flashing that seals the gap between your roof and chimney is there to keep water from running down into your home. Warped, rusted, or otherwise damaged flashing must be replaced.

Chimney Chase Cover Installation In Midlothian VAProperly installed flashing can keep your Midlothian home safe and prevent serious water damage and mold growth within the building materials.

Chimney Chase Top Repair/Replacement

Some homes in the Midlothian area have chimney chase tops. These devices are standard on factory-built chimneys. When chase tops are damaged, water can move past them and negatively affect bricks and mortar as well as areas within the flue.

Our certified chimney repair team can repair a damaged chase top. If the damage is extensive, we’ll install a new one for you.

When your Midlothian chimney needs expert repair from certified technicians you can count on, call Chimney Saver Solutions first at (804) 794-6009. We specialize in chimney repair, chimney inspection, and chimney sweeping.

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