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chimney repair in Richmond VA

When the chimney at your Richmond VA home needs professional repair or component replacement, count on Chimney Saver Solutions to deliver the best in workmanship and reliable service.

Our experienced chimney technicians have passed stringent certification tests from the Chimney Safety Institute of America and have years of hands-on experience with all types of chimney repair issues.  Let us help you keep your chimney safe and efficient all year long.

chimney rebuild in Richmond VAChimney Masonry Repairs – Greater Richmond Area

Age and various weather events can cause damage to even the best chimneys. Bricks can become loose, mortar can start to decay and the entire structure can eventually become unsafe.

Our team performs complete masonry repair including brick replacement, tuckpointing (adding strong new mortar to missing areas) and waterproofing. For severely damaged chimneys, we can do partial or complete chimney rebuilds.

How Do Chimneys Become Damaged?

  • Old age
  • Seasons of intense heat and cold
  • Pounding hail storms
  • Lightning strikes
  • Chimney fires (sometimes small and not noticed by homeowners)
  • Earthquakes
  • Gale-force winds

These and other events can damage the masonry of the chimney at your Richmond home. If you have noticed obvious signs of damage or suspect damage may be present, call us immediately.

Leaky Chimney Issues

Many types of chimney brick damage can lead to a leaky chimney. When this happens, water can get into the system and start a cycle of decay and cause widespread damage that’s expensive to fix.

Watch for these signs of a chimney leak:

  • Water in the firebox
  • Odd, musty smells coming from the fireplace
  • White staining (efflorescence) on the exterior masonry
  • Damp sections of interior walls or the ceiling near the fireplace

Chimney Saver Solutions regularly solves chimney leak issues for customers throughout the Richmond VA area.

General Chimney Repairs In Richmond

Along with masonry repair and chimney rebuilding, we also provide you with the very best in general chimney repair to keep your chimney working properly and safely. Our repair and installation services include:

  • Chimney liner repair/replacement with new stainless steel liner
  • Chimney chase top repair/installation
  • Custom outside-mount chimney cap installation
  • Basic flue cap repair
  • Chimney crown rebuilding/waterproofing
  • Roof flashing replacement
  • Fireplace damper repair/installation
  • Smoke chamber parging
  • Smoke shelf repair

chimney inspection in richmond vaCertified Chimney Inspections

The first step to proper chimney service is an inspection performed by our CSIA-certified technicians. While some chimney repair needs are obvious, many aren’t easy to spot without a thorough inspection of your chimney system.

Our Richmond-area customers save big money by having their chimneys inspected on a yearly basis and any time they notice something unusual going on. By getting to work on chimney repairs early, you’ll prevent more extensive damage that may not even become known until a complicated, expensive repair or rebuilding project is necessary.

Your inspector will provide you with a full report of any issues discovered during your chimney inspection and explain to you the best way to address the problems. Our technicians do inspections and all repair work in Richmond VA.

Chimney repairs, masonry work, component repair and replacement – these are all necessary functions to ensure that your chimney is safe to use and keeps serving you season after season. Call the experts at Chimney Saver Solutions today at (804) 440-5000 to inquire about repair and inspection services.

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