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fireplace install in Richmond VA

Are you thinking of bringing extra heat into your Richmond home? A powerful new zero-clearance fireplace, free-standing heating stove or fireplace insert may be just what you’re looking for.

Chimney Saver Solutions helps our Virginia customers find the perfect new heating appliance – and we provide expert installation to ensure the unit is set up and working properly.

What’s the Best Choice for Your Richmond home?

Whether you choose a fireplace, stove or fireplace insert, you’ll be amazed by the large selection of sizes, shapes, designs and finishes that will perfectly complement and enhance your home’s décor.


zero clearance fireplace install in Richmond VA


Zero-Clearance Wood or Gas Fireplaces

Zero-clearance (or ZC) fireplaces can run on either wood or gas fuel and offer a noticeable improvement over traditional masonry fireplaces.

With powerful heat production and ultra-safe operation thanks to heavy-duty insulation, ZC fireplaces can be installed in any wall in your home and in main rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and even bathrooms. There’s no need to construct a chimney, because wood and gas fireplace models come with their own vent pipe system.


gas burning stove install in Richmond VA


Wood, Gas or Pellet Heating Stoves

Modern heating stoves deliver high performance, safety and heating efficiency. Gas free-standing stoves (like all gas appliances) are super-easy to operate and require minimal maintenance. Wood and pellet stoves bring you the ambiance and aroma of real wood fires and will keep you warm and comfortable during any power outage.

Today’s stove designs are both elegant and functional. You can have your stove installed just about anywhere in your Richmond home that needs some extra beauty and heat.


Gas fireplace insert in Richmond


Wood, Gas or Pellet Fireplace Inserts

Masonry fireplaces are notorious for not producing very much heat. Fireplace inserts are notorious for doing just the opposite. Wood, gas and pellet inserts are factory-made to fit right into your masonry fireplace’s firebox and deliver satisfying heat and lots of elegance.

As with ZC fireplaces, fireplace inserts have their own vent system, so you won’t need to engage your current chimney.


Gas vs. Wood

Which is the ideal fuel for your new appliance – gas or wood? Let’s take a look.

Gas Fireplaces, Stoves & Inserts

  • Easy on, easy off – a switch or remote button starts and stops fires
  • Simple to control the level of heat
  • Very little maintenance and cleaning
  • No mess around the appliance/no logs to chop and store

Chimney sweeps by professionals in midlothian vaWood Fireplaces, Stoves & Inserts

  • Ultra-safe and powerful
  • The beauty of real wood fires
  • Wood is a carbon-neutral fuel – a positive for the environment
  • Wood will keep burning if electricity and gas utilities go down

Professional Installation & Service in Richmond VA

We’ll help you find the perfect new heating appliance, then we’ll professionally install it for you. Our crew installs many fireplaces, stoves and inserts in and around Richmond, and we’ll make sure your unit is installed correctly and complies with any local zoning and fire-safety codes.

After installation, if you ever run into problems that need quick repair, we’re on call all year long. We provide CSIA-certified repair, cleaning, maintenance and inspection services to keep your appliance running safely and at peak efficiency.

In the market for a new fireplace, heating stove or fireplace insert?
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