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Stove installations in richmond va


Oftentimes when our Chimney Saver Solutions trucks are seen traveling on W Franklin Street or US 250 in Richmond VA or in the Fan District, Carytown district or Downtown Richmond, our technicians are installing new gas, pellet, or wood fireplace inserts, stoves, and fireplaces. We sell and professionally install fireplace inserts and stoves for many homeowners in these areas, including in historic homes in the Fan District, Carytown, and other parts of Downtown Richmond VA.

Carytown offers unique boutique shopping as well as first-class eating establishments and plenty of opportunities to have fun and enjoy nature. The Fan District is a scenic residential neighborhood with streets lined with houses built in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Downtown Richmond offers an incredible view of the city from the 19th floor of City Hall. The many historic places to visit include the American Civil War Center and the Capitol Building.

 New Fireplace, Insert & Stove

When shopping for a fireplace insert, stove, or fireplace, homeowners in Richmond VA, Carytown district, the Fan District and throughout Downtown Richmond trust the professionals at Chimney Saver Solutions for help and advice. We offer a large selection of top-quality heating appliances that can help you lower your winter utility costs. Whether you are interested in a modern, sleek gas unit or a more traditional wood-burning unit, we have these options plus everything in between. For help finding a new fireplace, insert, or stove that provides an upgrade in style, power, and efficiency, schedule an appointment with us at Chimney Saver Solutions by calling 804-644-1230

Types of Fireplaces

We have a wide selection of fireplace inserts and pre-fab fireplaces that provide the ideal look for homes in Richmond VA, the Fan District, Carytown, and Downtown Richmond. These modern fireplaces are aesthetically appealing and provide enough heat to help you cut energy costs. The models you can choose from can be fueled by wood, gas, or pellets. Each fuel type has its advantages, and you can choose a fireplace that fits your lifestyle. For instance, a gas fireplace is perfect for a family that is too busy to deal with firewood and all that is involved with a wood-burning fireplace. Gas fireplaces are remarkably convenient and can be turned on and off with the flip of a switch or turn of a thermostat. Wood fireplaces, of course, provide the unique ambiance that only burning firewood can provide. Pellet fireplaces offer hands-free operation and the greatest level of efficiency.

Pre-fab fireplaces can be installed in spaces of just about any size, and they can be installed next to combustible materials. It is essential that zero-clearance pre-fab fireplaces be installed by a professional. You can use a strategy called “zone heating” to slash energy prices. Have a new fireplace, stove, or fireplace insert installed in the main rooms of your home. Cut off central heating and use the fireplace for heat only in the room you are in.

Beautiful fireplace inserts in richmond va


Kinds of Fireplace Inserts

Many homeowners seeking to upgrade their masonry fireplace in Richmond VA, Carytown, the Fan District, and Downtown Richmond buy a fireplace insert from us at Chimney Saver Solutions. A fireplace insert is installed inside of an existing masonry or pre-fab fireplace. There are many styles to choose from, such as a fireplace with a large viewing window. Another option you often have with fireplace inserts is that you can convert the fireplace to use a different type of fuel, whether gas, wood, or pellets.

Kinds of Stoves

Many of our clients in Richmond VA, Carytown district, the Fan District, and Downtown Richmond have a new heating stove installed, whether with wood, gas, or pellet fuel.


Modern stoves approved by the EPA are highly efficient, and they can provide heat, even when a blackout occurs on the worst days in winter.Our experts at Chimney Saver Solutions provide professional installation of gas, wood, and pellet stoves. Contact us today, to see our large selection of stoves. An added benefit when you purchase a fireplace insert, stove, or fireplace from us at Chimney Saver Solutions is that our experienced professionals handle installation. Your safety is our first priority.

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