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chimney repair in short pump vaHomeowners in Short Pump, VA trust Chimney Saver Solutions when they need chimney repairs or a leaky chimney expert. Our trucks can be spotted frequently on Interstate 64 and Route 147 as we head towards residents in need of chimney inspections, maintenance, repairs and rebuilds. We work hard to provide the best quality service and workmanship for our customers.

Leaky Chimney Repair

Leaking chimneys are a common problem here in Henrico County. The two most common causes are damaged flashing and untreated or deteriorated masonry.

Flashing is the metal strip that bridges the gap between the chimney and roof. It prevents water from being able to fall freely down this gap between the two structures.

If chimney flashing is warped, broken or missing, water can get into the space around the chimney and cause damage to walls, ceilings and structural beams. You can count on our skilled chimney technicians to expertly repair and replace flashing.

Water can also seep into the chimney through untreated and deteriorating masonry. Bricks and mortar can act like a sponge and absorb water. That is why it is important to have masonry treated with a sealant. If water is seeping in because of broken bricks and missing chunks of mortar, the best solution is tuck pointing. Tuck pointing is a method of replacing missing mortar and damaged bricks that is less expensive than a complete rebuild. If you suspect that your chimney has a leak, contact Chimney Saver Solutions! We will do an inspection to determine how water is getting into your chimney and recommend the best solution.

Chimney Chase Top & Chimney Caps

Both a chimney chase top and chimney cap have the same purpose: to prevent water, critters and debris from getting into the chimney. The difference between them is that chimney chase tops are installed at the top of pre-fab chimneys while chimney caps are installed at the top of traditional masonry chimneys. If your chimney has a damaged or missing chase top or cap, you should have it replaced promptly. These affordable chimney accessories can save you thousands of dollars in water damage and prevent pesky pest problems.

Cement Chimney Crowns

The cement crown, just under the chimney cap, is designed to stop water from seeping into the masonry. It is usually slightly slanted so that water will run off it. When a chimney crown breaks, it creates a pathway for water to get into the masonry and cause more damage. If you notice that your chimney’s crown looks cracked, give us call! We are experts are repairing damaged crowns.

short pump va chimney relining repairsChimney Lining & Relining

Chimney liners play an important role in protecting homes from the risk of a fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. These liners are designed to withstand the extreme heat and caustic chemical produced by the fire and keep them contained in the chimney. When a chimney liner becomes warped or broken, it is important to replace promptly to ensure there is no risk that a stray ember may spark a fire. We use a video camera to check your chimney lining for signs of damage during an inspection. If it is damaged, we will let you know and recommend replacement options for relining your chimney.

Chimney Masonry Work

Structural damaged to a chimney, that causes it to lean or look like it may collapse, is the most dangerous. It could be the result of a natural disaster or from years of water damage or neglect. If your chimney has serious structural damage, it may need to be rebuilt.

Our team of certified chimney technicians are experts at rebuilding unstable chimneys.

If your chimney needs inspected, repaired or rebuilt, give us a call! You can count on us to get the job done right so that you can safely enjoy your fireplace.

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