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New Stove, Insert, Fireplace Deals in Summer

When the weather is warm the deals are hot on new stoves, inserts, and fireplaces, including stylish new linear fireplaces. The tendency is for homeowners to put off preparation for winter until summer’s end, when things start picking up for the hearth industry. Spring and summer are the ideal times to get the best deals on efficient new heating appliances that can increase the value of your home and cut the cost of heating it. You can’t go wrong, whether you choose a new stove, fireplace insert, or linear fireplace.

Wood-burning Stove

wood-burning fireplace dealsAny new wood stove you buy today is highly efficient because it meets the stringent requirements of the EPA. Wood is the least expensive of all fuel sources, and firewood goes much further than it did when burned in old-fashioned wood stoves that pre-dated the push for cleaner-burning appliances. The following are more of the benefits of having wood stove installation completed before winter:

  • Wood stoves are fully contained and will continue to operate during power outages. You will have a source of light and heat when the electricity goes out. As an added plus, you can also use many models of wood stoves for cooking, which comes in very handy when the power grid fails.
  • You can zone-heat your home by placing a stove in virtually any room where a vent pipe can be installed to carry combustion gases outside. A few well-placed wood stoves can heat your home, allowing you to do without your central heating system and associated costs.
  • Wood stoves supply comfortable radiant heat, which warms a room more quickly than when warm air is blown through a venting system.
  • Wood is carbon-neutral and it’s sustainable, making it better for the environment than using fossil fuels for heating.

Fireplace Insert

If you have a fireplace insert installed inside your traditional masonry fireplace or prefab fireplace, the transformation will be felt when you pay your lower utility bills in winter. Fireplace inserts must be installed by a professional, to ensure safe use and optimal performance. The efficiency of a fireplace insert is usually between 70% and 85%, whereas maximum efficiency of an open-hearth fire rarely reaches 10%.

The manufacturers of fireplace inserts provide specific instructions on what size the flue must be for the appliance to function properly. The requirement usually means a new stainless steel chimney flue must be installed along with the fireplace insert. You can get a fireplace insert fueled by wood, gas, propane, or pellets.

Gas Fireplace

gas fireplace dealsThe current options for gas fireplaces are truly incredible because of the addition of linear fireplaces to hearth collections everywhere. Gas is highly efficient and provides the convenience of instant heat, and the flames are extinguished just as quickly. With help of heating appliance experts, you can be sure to get a gas fireplace of the correct size for the room it will heat.

Contact the Experts at Chimney Saver Solutions

For help choosing from the many styles of wood stoves, fireplace inserts, and gas fireplaces, call or visit Chimney Saver Solutions. Our chimney experts are certified and trained to provide wood stove, fireplace insert, and gas fireplace installation. Remember that spring and early summer are the best times to buy and get the hottest deals on heating appliances. Visit Chimney Saver Solutions at 9306 Old Staples Mill Rd Richmond, VA, or call 804-440-5000 today.

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