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Dangers of Neglecting Chimney Maintenance

While many homeowners understand the importance of annual chimney inspections and chimney sweeping, some put it off because they don’t think it is really necessary. Although your fireplace or heating stove and chimney may appear to be in good working order, that is not always the case. There are many hidden dangers like flue obstructions, […] Read more

The Critical Jobs of a Chimney Damper

The chimney damper is a critical fireplace component for maintaining safe and efficient use.  Its job is to prevent smoke and fumes from filling up in your home when using the fireplace. It also allows sufficient air (draft) to circulate in the flue to start and maintain a fire safely and seals the fireplace shut, […] Read more

The C’s of Chimney and Fireplace Terminology

If you become familiar with essential chimney and fireplace terminology, it can be easier to understand chimney-related strategies for keeping your home and family safe. Maintenance of chimney systems and fireplaces is frequently neglected, and dangerous house fires are among the devastating results. The following are important and commonly used“C” terms related to fireplaces and […] Read more

Keeping A Clean and Safe Fireplace

You just had your annual chimney inspection and professional cleaning, and now you have peace of mind knowing that your fireplace is safe to operate. However, creosote and the corrosive gases created during combustion will continue to accumulate with every burn. Creosote build-up is of a particular concern because it will eventually harden into a […] Read more

Does Your Furnace Vent Properly?

Call (804) 440-5000 to Schedule Your FREE* Furnace Inspection! (for Accessible Flues – Limited Time Offer) *Level 1 Visual Inspection for Typical Furnace Venting – High-Efficiency Systems with PVC Venting Not Included. If you suspect that there might be a problem with your furnace venting properly, don’t hesitate to investigate this important safety concern. Our […] Read more

Tips for Restoring Your Historic Chimney

Downtown Richmond, Virginia, is known for its charming historic homes on beautiful tree-lined streets like the infamous Montana Avenue, Broad Street, and Elwood Avenue. Dating back to the mid-1700s, many of these stately older homes were built in the classic Federal-style architecture, which borrows the symmetrical and classical features of Georgian style homes. We restore, […] Read more

Furnaces Need Inspections Too

The historic homes nestled on shady tree-lined streets are the pride and joy of Downtown Richmond sharing a storied history. Many of the older homes were built around the mid-1700s to early 1800s, including the Old Stone House (1740), Virginia Executive Mansion (1813), and the Jefferson Davis Executive Mansion (1818).  We work on many historic […] Read more

Should I “Close” My Fireplace In the Summer?

Closing your fireplace during summertime helps cut utility costs, and that’s just one of several benefits. Doing the job right will contribute to home safety, prevent unpleasant odors from invading your home, and help to ensure that your fireplace will be ready when the first cold snap rolls around. Tips for closing your fireplace follow. […] Read more

Here’s What You Should Know About Fire-Pits

With summer on the horizon, many homeowners are moving beyond the indoor fireplace and installing backyard fire pits to enhance their outdoor living space.  It is the hottest trend in outdoor entertainment. According to the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), outdoor fireplaces and fire pits were the number one outdoor design feature in 2018. […] Read more

Backyard Recreational Fires – Safety & Info

Fire pits are a great way to enjoy the campfire experience with family and friends right in your backyard. Gathering around an outdoor fire pit under a cool evening sky, sharing stories, toasting marshmallows, and enjoying each other’s company is a wonderful way to spend an evening.  To avoid any unpleasant surprises, here are Chimney […] Read more

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