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Chimney rebuilding repairs in richmond vaOur Chimney Saver Solutions technicians are often seen in our company trucks traveling through the Fan District, Carytown, and Downtown Richmond as well as on E Cary Street, Route 147, and throughout Richmond VA. They are frequently doing expert chimney repairs and providing professional chimney rebuilding services. These areas are lined with historic homes, and our chimney experts have been entrusted with chimney rebuilding and repair in many of the finest, oldest structures in Richmond VA as well as in modern homes. The Fan District is a residential neighborhood named for the shape of the streets roughly between Monroe Park on Belvidere to the east and west to Boulevard. The development of the Fan District was a product of a 19th century movement called City Beautiful. Carytown is known as an urban shopping district. Boutique shopping, dining in celebrated restaurants, watching movies in a 1920s theater called The Byrd Theatre, and visiting lush parks are among the activities enjoyed in Carytown urban shopping district. There are many things to do in Downtown Richmond VA, including experiencing several wonderful restaurants on a food tour, exploring the James River, and visiting the Capitol Building, which has been a centerpiece in Richmond VA for 200-plus years.

Leaky Chimney Repair

Leaky chimney repair is frequently needed in Richmond VA, including in Carytown district, the Fan District, and throughout Downtown Richmond. There are many possible reasons for a leaky chimney, and many of them are hard to spot. Leaky flashing is a common problem. Flashing is the metal component of the chimney on the roof, and if a nail rusts through, even a problem that small can cause serious damage to your roof. Chimney masonry can be highly porous, and it’s a continuous battle to keep moisture out. Mortar on the chimney protects the masonry from water intrusion. When the mortar begins to deteriorate, tuckpointing is a procedure that can be used to remove old mortar and replace it with fresh mortar. This process provides renewed structural strength to the chimney and helps to prevent leaks. During a professional chimney inspection by one of our expert technicians at Chimney Saver Solutions, your chimney will be carefully checked for signs of a leak. If you notice staining on the ceiling or walls near your chimney or if water is dripping in your fireplace, contact us as soon as possible. Ignoring these types of signs means repair costs will only increase.

Chimney Lining & Relining

The chimney lining is an important safety component. When the lining deteriorates, it is essential to have the chimney relined before using the fireplace again. If a fireplace is used when the lining or chimney flue has a crack in it, toxic fumes can enter the home. In addition, combustible parts of the home will be exposed to extreme temperatures that can cause a house fire, if the chimney lining is not in good condition. During certain types of chimney inspections, a video camera is used to check the chimney lining from top to bottom. If damage is found, the chimney technician will advise you that chimney relining is needed. Although it is never welcome news, it is damage that commonly occurs over time.

Chimney Masonry Work

In Richmond VA, Carytown, the Fan District, and throughout Downtown Richmond, chimney rebuilding services and other types of chimney masonry work are frequently done by our chimney experts at Chimney Saver Solutions. When a chimney has collapsed or is leaning due to neglect of maintenance or a natural disaster, it is important to have the chimney rebuild and other chimney masonry work performed by chimney professionals. Trained, certified chimney technicians are familiar with chimney venting systems and how they operate, and they are qualified to do chimney masonry work that ensures optimal chimney operation.

Chimney rebuilding repairs in richmond vaCement Crowns

When Carytown, the Fan District, and Downtown Richmond VA homeowners need chimney repairs involving cement chimney crowns, many turn to us at Chimney Saver Solutions. The chimney crown is the cement at the top of the chimney, and it keeps moisture from entering between the chimney flue and the chimney exterior. Our chimney experts can repair a damaged chimney crown. Sometimes a cement chimney crown rebuild is required, to prevent moisture from entering the chimney masonry.

Chase Top & Chimney Caps

Homeowners in Richmond VA and Downtown Richmond, including the Fan District and Carytown, sometimes need chimney chase cover replacement or chimney cap replacement. These important accessories tend to wear out more quickly than most other chimney components. If a chimney chase cover is not repaired or replaced after the metal has begun to leak, your home could be damaged by moisture. Rust on the chimney chase top or chimney cap is a sign that repair or replacement may be needed. For all your needs for chimney repair and chimney masonry rebuilds, contact Chimney Saver Solutions today at 804-644-1230

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